Start & Sit: Week 3

Two weeks down, many more to go.

Start ’em


  • Vince Young @ New Orleans: The Saints have been bad, particularly on defense, and Young should give them fits on Monday night.
  • Donovan McNabb v. Detroit: McNabb has not done much to date, but this should be a shootout and his breakout performance.


  • Laurence Maroney v. Buffalo: Buffalo has been torched by Travis Henry and Willie Parker. Now it is Maroney’s turn.
  • Ahman Green v. Indianapolis: Green should see an increase in touches this weekend with the absence of Andre Johnson.


  • Ronald Curry v. Cleveland: Curry goes against the Browns defense, and y’all saw what the Bengals put up on this unit last weekend.
  • Bernard Berrian v. Dallas: Berrian gets his opportunity to burn the depleted Dallas secondary this weekend.

Sit ’em


  • Matt Leinart @ Baltimore: Leinart at Baltimore just sounds bad.
  • Brett Favre v. San Diego: As good as Favre and the Pack have been so far, the Chargers need to rebound after last week and will take it out on Favre and Co.


  • Edgerrin James @ Baltimore: James has been excellent so far, but the Ravens D will look to shut down the run first against the Cards.
  • Warrick Dunn v. Carolina: Dunn is getting closer and closer to handing over the reigns. This could be Joey Harrington’s last start, too.


  • Braylon Edwards @ Oakland: Edwards was great last weekend, but I doubt he (and Derek Anderson) are as good again this weekend.
  • Plaxico Burress @ Washington: Burress is battling an ankle injury and may be a game-time decision. Against the Washington secondary, which has been good so far, a banged-up Burress is a no-go.

9 Responses

  1. 1) Vincent Jackson vs GB or Shaun Mcdonald vs PHI
    2) Leinart vs BAL or Derek Anderson vs OAK. My other QB is alex smith.

  2. or Should i pick up McCown instead for my QB position?

  3. Ok, TE question this week:

    O. Daniels v. IND or
    G. Olsen v. DAL?

    Both are interesting to me for different reasons, but my gut says Daniels, despite a more-solid IND defense. Thoughts?

  4. Hey Hazean,

    Who should I start as my QB: Romo vs. Chitown or Hasselbeck vs. Cincy for this week?

    Thanks bruh!

  5. Should i start Ben Roth vs SF or Tony Romo vs CHI this week?


  6. What 2 WR’s should I start?

    Roy Williams v. Philly
    Donald Driver v. SD
    Plaxico Burress v. Washington
    Santana Moss v. NYG

  7. Also, what TE?

    Shockey v. Washington
    Gonzalez v. Minnesota

  8. thanks for the great advice every week.

    who should i start at WR this week at my 3rd WR slot?

    Shaun mcdonald, d jax, vincent jackson, reggie brown

    i also picked kevin jones off the waivers last week, what is you outlook on him. much appreciated. THANKS

  9. Kevin Jones sounds like a decent pick, Pat. Also would appreciate you guys checking out, a fantasy sports entertainment site coming very soon. Check out the site as soon as you possibly can!

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