Waiver Wire Wednesday: Week 2

By: Blaine Clancy

The first week of the NFL season started with a bang, and I bet all The Hazean readers were licking their chops as they cleaned up on the free agent/waiver wire market this weekend.

Here is a list of players you should get, if you have not already picked up, for Week 2:


Marty Booker, Miami – After watching Sunday night’s game with Dallas and New York, this game could end up in a shootout as well. Dallas will throw up points on the board, and Miami will have to rely on their passing game for them to stay in the game. Booker will be a decent WR2 start for week 2.


Derrick Ward, New York Giant – If you are reading this article and asking who Derrick Ward is, then you are too late. After Jacobs went down with a sprained MCL, Ward stepped in and rushed for nearly 90 yards. With Eli hurt as well, the Giants will rely on their running attack to win games.


New Orleans – After a rough outing against the defending Super Bowl champs, the Saints will rebound and have a great fantasy week. Carnell Williams might not even play after suffering an injury to his ribs, and the offensive line will not be able to give Jeff Garcia enough time to throw much in the passing game.


2 Responses

  1. After seeing them in action this week against Baltimore, I think the Bengals defense would be a much better buy then the Saints deffense…if you had to pick a horrible defense that may do well this week.

  2. I unfortunately had to do the autodraft in my league and picked up Steve McNair as my second QB. If Rex Grossman isn’t backed better (or doesn’t get his s*@t together, I can’t decide), and soon…all the creative trading and cutting in the world won’t help me. I know it’s just the first week and the teams have to get in a groove but I’m nervous already!

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