Start & Sit: Week 2

One week in the books … time to take a look at some guys to play and some guys to stash for week 2.

Start ’em


  • David Garrard v. Atlanta: Garrard played well in the loss to Tennessee last week, and should have another good outing for the Jaguars against a weakened Falcons’ team.
  • Brett Favre @ New York Giants: After watching Dallas’ Tony Romo light up the Giants secondary last week, you think Favre is not salivating?
  • Jake Delhomme v. Houston: Delhomme looks like the Jake-of-old. And as long as he keeps throwing to Steve Smith, he should be productive.


  • Adrian Peterson @ Detroit: Peterson showed what he can do with the ball last week. Chester Taylor may miss some time due to injury, which means more of the Peterson show.
  • DeShaun Foster v. Houston: Foster looked good as the starting back and should have room to run at home versus the Texans.


  • Donald Driver @ New York Giants: He is Favre’s favorite target, so expect him to be the recipient of many a Favre pass.
  • Bernard Berrian v. Kansas City: Berrian established himself as the No. 1 WR on the Bears last weekend and should post solid numbers at home against the Chiefs.
  • Devery Henderson @ Tampa Bay: The Saints failed to stretch the field against the Colts, and that will change this weekend against the Bucs. Henderson torched Tampa last year and will be sent down the field early and often this Sunday.


  • Green Bay @ New York Giants: If Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs are out (likely), the Giants offense is in serious trouble against a young, talented Green Bay defense.
  • Jacksonville v. Atlanta: The Falcons just may be last year’s Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders.

Sit ’em


  • Phillip Rivers @ New England: Rivers did not throw a TD pass last week and he faces another tough defense this weekend.
  • Matt Hasselbeck @ Arizona: Arizona’s defense is under-rated and will bring a lot of pressure on Hasselbeck.
  • Eli Manning v. Green Bay: Regardless of his status, Manning should remain on the bench this week — he is too risky a play with uncertain status against a tough Packers’ defense.


  • Ronnie Brown v. Dallas: Brown might not be the runningback everyone thought he would be, and Cam Cameron might just know that. Expect more splitting time with Jesse Chatman this weekend.
  • Warrick Dunn @ Jacksonville: Despite giving up 1,000 yards rushing to the Titans last weekend, the Jags D likely will clamp down on the Falcons’ rushing attempt and make Joey Harrington try to beat them.


  • Ronald Curry @ Denver: See what Champ Bailey and Dre’ Bly did to Lee Evans and the Buffalo passing game last weekend? Enough said!
  • Calvin Johnson v. Minnesota: Minnesota’s D looks very good and should be able to limit touches to anyone not named Roy Williams.
  • Plaxico Burress v. Green Bay: If Manning is out, Burress is a risky play. Fantasy owners should sit him only if they have a better WR2 option on the bench.


  • Miami v. Dallas: Dallas scored a lot of points last weekend and has an explosive offense. The Dolphins’ D may be too old to keep up.
  • Indianapolis @ Tennessee: Indy’s D looked good against the Saints, but Vince Young and the Titans have given the Colts’ problems defensively in recent games.

54 Responses

  1. Good pics…
    A few questions…who would you play?

    1) One WR Spot:
    Lee Evans (vs. Pit), Braylon Edwards (vs. Cin), Wes Welker (vs. SD)
    2) One QB Spot:
    Big Ben (vs. Buf), Marc Bulger (vs. SF)

  2. Matt: I might suggest Edwards, but not sure about the QB yet in Cleveland. I still like Evans. I doubt he gets shut out again; luckily Champ Bailey does not play for every team. The 49ers D looked good last night, and Buffalo’s D took some hits. I might start Big Ben this week against Buffalo, but Bulger should have a decent week too.

  3. TE – Heap or Witten

    RB – Duece, Marion Barber III, or Tatum Bell

    WR – Ronald Curry, Mark Clayton (didn’t score anything last night), Joey Galloway

    Defense – Minnesota or Phili… staying away from Miami this week

  4. HE-MAN: Witten had a great week 1, so I do not think you can keep him on your bench. I like Deuce and Barber in week 2 … Bell is playing against Minnesota, yikes! I would go with Galloway, he always seems to do well against the Saints. Tough call on the D, but the way Minnesota played last week it is hard to bench them this week. Should be good for a couple turnovers at the very least.

  5. Second league

    RB – Chris Brown or Jones-Drew (not getting many carries)

    WR – Ronald Curry or Derrick Mason

    QB – Cutler, Garcia, or Green

  6. For that first one I have one RB spot… Duece or Bell?

  7. Duece or Barber I mean****

  8. HE-MAN: I would still go with Jones-Drew, he is likely to bounce back against Atlanta this week. I actually would start Mason at home than Curry against the Broncos. Cutler is the most talented QB of the lot, I would go with him at home.

  9. I think you should go with Deuce.

  10. QB – Leinart vs SEA or Garrard vs ATL

    WR – Curry @ DEN or Crayton @ MIA


  11. Cine: Tough call, but I do like Garrard over Leinart right now. Seattle is better on D than Atlanta too. I would start Crayton this week instead of Curry. If Curry draws Bailey and/or Bly, he could be in trouble for numbers.

  12. for week 2: burress or vincent jackson

  13. I need to start three wr’s and two rb’s, who would you go with this week?

    wr’s- coles, colston, henderson, jacoby jones, wes welker

    rb’s- derrick ward,brian westbrook, cedric benson

    thanks again!

  14. Okay hows this for ya?
    With Brandon Jacobs injury I need another RB. I am starting Addai and Maroney but I want a RB at my flex. Brandon Jackson or Derrick Ward? (I also have Michael Turner in the wings)

  15. Scott- Thats a tough call since Eli might be out. If Manning plays start Burress, but if he is out you have to go with Jackson even though he has a tough matchup this week.

    Pike- Coles proved to be Pennington’s go to guy with two td’s so he is a definate start and I have to believe that Colston will have a bounce back game this week against an aging defense. As for the third WR go with Welker because Brady seemed to look his way often against the Jets. You have to start you stud in Westbrook and I would go with Ward until Benson proves he can be a starting running back.

    Palmabeer- Go with Jackson against a very weak Giants D.

  16. I have two flex spots and three options:
    Tatum Bell, Wes Welker, DeShaun Foster

    Whaddya think?


  17. I have both Berrian and Henderson to use as number two WR (Walker as #1) – – which would you chose –

    Or do I use one of them in place of a W/R and replace Ahman Green or Duece – (Westbrook #1)

    Defense – – any surprises you see – i have MN or GB (picked up if Manning is down)

  18. Also – Wes Welker as a receiver as well in the mix


  19. Thanks for last weeks help. A new question emerges though.

    I have chad johnson, and donald driver as my 1 and 2 WR but
    WHo should I start week 2 as my number 3 WR:

    WR Reggie Brown, WR Darrell Jackson, WR MIke Furrey, WR Vincent Jackson???

    Reggie Brown had an uneventful game againt a weak GB secondary. Darrell Jackson seems to have alligator arms. Maybe just week one jitters?

    WHo should I start between:

    RB Ronnie Brown or RB Ladell Betts?? They both split carries?

    Thanks Again!

  20. Who should I start or sit?
    QB’s Kitna vs. Minny -or-
    Roethlisberger vs. Buff

    WR’s (3 spots, need input for last spot)
    TJ Housh (starting) vs Cleve
    H. Ward (starting) vs Buff
    D. Jackson vs StL
    D. Stallworth vs SD
    M. Furrey vs Minny


  21. Made some changes in lineups.. my league includes points for each touch (running and passing) just so you know.

    RB for 3rd spot… Deshaun Foster, Tatum Bell, Marion Barber, or Warrick Dunn

    QB – Tom Brady or David Garrard

  22. MBK: I like Welker and Foster. Bell is going against a stout Minnesota D and might not do too much this weekend.

    Others: I will have to get back to you later, duty calls!

  23. Should I trade Adrian Peterson and Terrell Owens for Reggie Bush? He looked pretty bad Sunday against Indy!

  24. DOC-I would start Berrian as your number 2 receiver as Grossman clearly favors him in the passing game and leave your running back in their flex positions. Although MN has a stout D; I would start Green Bay over them if Manning doesn’t play because Lorenzen is bound to throw a couple INTs. If Manning plays then start MN

    Pat- Go ahead and start Brown this week. The second best option there is Jackson and he has a rough matchup with the Patriots. I would go with Brown because he is the best option in Miami and Betts is still second fiddle to Portis who had a nice game week one and should still see the majority of the carries.

    Todd- Start Darrell Jackson vs. St. Louis becaue they didn’t know who to cover against Carolina and Frank Gore should help open the passing game up for Jackson. You will probably get more TD’s from Kitna, but more turnovers as well. The safe pick would be Roethlisberger

    He-man- Foster had a good first week and should be able to do the same against Houston. I wouldn’t bench Tom Brady with the amount of weapons he had no matter how good a matchup Garrard has.

  25. QB: Big Ben or McNabb?
    WR3: Cotchery against Baltimore or Mark Clayton… or something off the wire?
    RB2: Definetely Edge or is there some chance for Marshawn Lynch?

  26. lee evans or laverneus coles?
    lamont jordan or amahn green?

  27. Big Irish: I like Big Ben again this week. Playing at home against a D that gave up a lot of yards last week and took some hits with injuries. Geez, tough call here. If Derrick Mason is on the wire, I might start him over either of those guys. Pitt’s D shut down Jamal Lewis last weekend, but not sure if that is saying much at this point. Go with Edge at home, though.

    aj: Lee Evans because Coles might be playing without Pennington … and against the Ravens. I like Ahman Green more than LaMont Jordan at Denver.

  28. Great calls last week, man–thanks! 30-pt swing on defense, and a 70-pt win overall. As for this week, 2 questions.

    Question 1: 3 WR spots…

    1) TO (v. Mia)
    2) D. Henderson (v. TB)
    3) ???

    C. Johnson v. Min (you say sit, I tend to agree, but…)
    A. Randle El v. Phi (I’m not counting on last week happening another time this season)
    S. McDonald v. Min (I can’t imagine playing him ahead of Johnson v. the Vikes)

    So… Johnson?

    Question 2: Defense

    Dallas or Minnesota? Min was the big winner last week, for sure.

  29. The Kid: Glad I could help! Hope I am as lucky this week, too! I think you gotta go with Calvin Johnson. I do not trust Randle El yet, and McDonald is less a threat against Minnesota than Johnson. Dallas’ D is hurting right now, particularly in the secondary. I would go with the Vikes again. Good luck!

  30. Going to start Edge, so need one more back:

    Derrick Ward vs Green Bay
    Ronnie Brown vs Dallas
    LaMont Jordan @ Denver
    Thomas Jones @ Bal…ouch

  31. Tony G. @ Chi. or Alge C. @ Jac? I know it’s only week 2, but should I be concerned about their output this year? Are you seeing any sleeper TEs out there? Donald Lee?

  32. Nice list but I think Garrard is only a game manager this week as they run MJD & Fred Taylor ragged trying to ensure they win against a bad run defense.

  33. who should i start week 2:

    bulger vs SF
    cutler vs OAK


  34. qb- romo or big ben

  35. def – arizona or green bay

  36. who would u start for RB:

    duece mcallister or marion barber?

  37. QB: Leinart v SEA or Rivers @ NE…… or Grossman v KC

    Then I have good players, bad match-ups…

    1 point for every 5 rec & every 5 rush attempts

    Must start 1 RB, 3 WR & 2 RB/WR flex from:

    Larry Johnson @ CHI
    Maroney v SD
    Edge v SEA
    Lynch @ PIT

    Driver @ NYG
    Evans @ PIT
    Berrian v KC
    Hendersen @ TB
    Branch @ ARI
    Burress v GB
    Jacoby Jones @ CAR

    I was figuring Leinart, LJ, Maroney & Edge, Driver, Evans & Berrian…

    BUT I think all my RBs have difficult match-ups, but worth dropping one for a extra WR??

  38. Who would you recommend as a WR start (along side Steve Smith) this week:

    L. Coles – can Clemmens get him the ball against a P.O.’d Ravens D?

    D. Jackson – Skillet-hands, alligator arms and butter fingers against a shaky Rams secondary?

    Patrick Crayton – #2 WR maybe get a benefit from dbl teams on TO?


  39. Anybody in today?

  40. Hey i have 3wr spots and 5 great wide recievers
    need some advice

    1.) reggie wayne

    Joey galloway, jevon walker, calvin johnson, and maurice colston who would you start in the other two spots thanks?

  41. “Jacksonville v. Atlanta: The Falcons just may be last year’s Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders.”

    I didn’t know the Texans had a 3-13 record? Last I checked they had a top 10 defense in the last 10 weeks. o_O Sorry, I’m biased.

    but yeah, good picks. I would pick any QB that plays against the Giants this year. Ha.

    This is my first time here, and pretty good site. I’ll add it to my favorites. 🙂

  42. HELP ME!!!!
    which one?
    M. Hasselbech/R. Grossman/T. Jackson

    Which two?
    Hines Ward/Anquan Boldin/Wes Welker/Brandon Marshall

    Which one?
    Randy McMichael/Marcus Pollard

  43. Tough decisions on defense too…

    Must start one DE and 2 LB from:

    Ware (DE, LB) @ MIA
    Suggs (DE, LB) v NYJ

    Julian Petersen (LB) @ ARI
    Mike Petersen (LB) v ATL
    Willis (LB) @ STL
    Hawk (LB) @ NYG

    All 4 straight LBs should have good games because of their opponents reliance on their running game &/or TEs, but Suggs vs. a crocked Jets? And Ware vs. an awful Miami too?? eugh! headaches!

  44. One flex position, tough decision…

    Julius Jones or Brandon Marshall (have Fred Taylor and Ronald Curry too, but think they may be worth a bench this week).

    Everything I say says Miami is aweful vs. the run, start Marion Barber!!! Won’t Jones get enough touches? I also see that Brandon Marshall should be a good start in Denver after a good week vs. Buffalo…so, Marshall vs. Oakland should be the one I choose? Your thoughts…

  45. Who should i start at qb bulger, Leinart, or big ben

  46. thanks for the help last week.

    WHo should i have as my 3rd WR?

    SHaun mcdonald, Mike furrey, darrell jackson, reggie brown, vincent jackson??

    I’m torn between mcdonald, furrey, d.jax. Thanks

  47. Sorry I could not get to everyone’s questions last week. Duty calls!

    pat: I like McDonald again. He is getting good look and the Lions are throwing the ball a ton. Once Kevin Jones retuns to that lineup, though, I might be concerned with McDonald’s looks/touches.

  48. You taking shots on Week 3 yet? If so, would you take the flyer on Coles or Curry this week? D Jax has me worried with the back.

  49. Freebird: Week 3 will be up later today, keep an eye out for that.

    I like Curry this week against Cleveland at home. Should be a productive outing for him, as long as McCown can get him the ball.

  50. Thanks! Will check back later for Week 3.

  51. Hazean, I am scratching my head a lot for this upcoming week. I have three QB’s and need to pick one. I have 5 wideouts and need to pick two. Can you help me please?

    QB’s: Kitna, Roethlisberger, T. Green (he is my bye week replacement as Roeth and Kitna have the same bye week)

    WR’s: Housh (obviously starting), Ward, D. Jackson, Stallworth, and B. Stokley.

    By the way, I have FWP as one of my backs so if Pitt doesn’t go off on SF and I start Roeth and Ward too, I will be up shatty creek. Thanks!

  52. should i start jake delhomme or devon mcnabb this week

    Also i between joey galloway, jevon walker, calving johnson, and maurice colston which three would you chose? thanks

  53. Ok for week four should i start marshawn lynch or derrick ward

    Also calvin Johnson, joey galloway, jevon walker, maurice colston

    pick 2

  54. for week 4 who should i start
    qb marc bulger, matt leinart, big ben, or eli manning

    receiver need 2: Marvin harrison, plaxico burress, joey galloway, isaac bruce

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