Waiver Wire Wednesday

By: Blaine Clancy

Your fantasy football draft has come and gone, and now the panic has set in as you realize that your team is not as flawless as you originally had hoped. In fact, your starting lineup has more holes in it then Tupac.

Have no fear, WWW is here.

Each week, The Hazean will deliver a few free agent acquisitions that might help your team squeeze out a win. So, without further ado …


Daunte Culpepper, Oakland — Since Culpepper did not even belong to a team this summer, there is a great chance that he was undrafted in your fantasy football draft. However, after a promising preseason and a nonexistent Detroit secondary, Culpepper has the potential to score a plethora of points this weekend. The only cloud of doubt is that head coach Lane Kiffin is being tight-lipped on whether Culpepper or Josh McCown will get the start against the Lions.

Wide Receiver

Amani Toomer, New York Giants — The Giants No. 1 WR Plaxico Burress has missed the entire preseason and might be a tad rusty heading into week 1. While Burress adjusts, Toomer will get the majority of the looks from QB Eli Manning.


Leon Washington, New York Jets — This is a situation where Thomas Jones, the Jets’ No. 1 RB, has been hurt throughout the preseason. Based on that information, Washington could get the call in Jones still isn’t at 100 percent. Monitor this situation carefully.


Washington — If ever in need of a defense, always go with a team that is playing at home. And in Washington’s case this weekend, always go with a defense that is playing at home against a terrible offense (i.e. Miami).


5 Responses

  1. Do you think Culpepper is the starter? You posted the John Clayton scoop yesterday that it will be McCown but the local SF paper is speculating that its going to be Culpepper.

    So much secrecy for what seemingly is a straightforward decision.

  2. I think Blaine and I agree that Culpepper should be the starter in Oakland, but stranger things have happened. I would not be surprised if McCown starts the season, but I doubt he finishes it. Hopefully, Kiffin will provide some information today on this situation, but it is up-in-the-air right now and could go either way.

  3. If McCown starts, he’ll be gone by halftime when the Raiders are down. Culpepepper won’t be on the bench for long, but in the end let’s all remember that they are still the Raiders and Culpepper failed miserably in an offense with a lot more weapons than Oakland has. They are still the Raiders, which means that at best they will employ a short passing game as Culpepper tries to elude defenders chasing him around the backfield. With their projected line issues, no one should count on them having a viable running game. So we’ve got Culpepper throwing to Porter and Curry…..Yeah he might be on the waiver wire (he actually got drafted in both my leagues), but why would you want him? He’s liable to start some games, but not likely to be a Top-20 QB. I want want him as even a backup.

  4. All the top-20 QBs should have already been drafted. He isn’t a top-20 QB long term, but against the Detroit Lions, Culpepper will post decent stats for week 1.

  5. […] – as well as the start of waiver wire advice (in fact, for some early waiver wire juice, see Waiver Wire Wednesday from The Hazean). I simply can’t wait for tomorrow night to […]

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