Fantasy football rap

Someting to watch to get you geared up for the fantasy football season (as if you need anything else to get ready for football) …

Fantasy Football: The Rap


5 Responses

  1. 1st Timer-

    Couple ?’s
    In a league with a flex pos that includes QB
    I Have Palmer and Mcnair
    Should i be starting McNair over Cadillac, Stallworth, or V Jackson?
    In general, V Jackson or Stallworth?

    Another league-
    Rivers or Cutler?

  2. I would start McNair at Flex over those guys.

    V Jackson > Stallworth

    Cutler in week 1 because of the better matchup.

  3. I have 2 leagues and need help on both.

    League 1
    a) 1 QB, Leinart or Alex Smith
    b) San Diego D or Miami D
    The rest of my line up is as follows.
    Deion Branch, B. Edwards, V. Jackson, WIllie Parker, Edge, and Ahman Green for W/R. Just need help on deciding the QB and Defense to start

    League 2
    a) 1QB, Kitna or Leinart
    b) Minnesota or N.E Defense
    The rest of my line up is as follows.
    R.Wayne, TJ Housh, D. Branch, Addai, Edge, Barber for my W/R, but i can also switch Curtis, or D. Mason

  4. Nokia: I just answered this in the Start/Sit column, go check it out! And good luck!

  5. i saw that. Sorry about that. was not sure which one you were responding to, Thanks!!!

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