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I am participating in a blogger fantasy football league this season, and we all know the 2007 NFL season is right around the corner (a week from today, to be exact!). The following bloggers are joining me in this venture:

  1. NFLGuru.net
  2. Curveballs for Jesus
  3. This Just In
  4. The Hazean
  5. FantasyFootballGoat
  6. FanProphet
  7. The NFL Minute
  8. TINO Sports Page
  9. FF Librarian
  10. MWC Football
  11. MyFantasyLineup.com
  12. Signal to Noise

As you can see, I had the 4th pick in the draft and decided to take a chance on Seattle runningback Shaun Alexander. It seems the foot injury and Madden Curse are behind Alexander, and he could be due for a bounce-back season.

Here is how the rest of my draft shook out:

  1. Shaun Alexander, RB
  2. Thomas Jones, RB
  3. Drew Brees, QB
  4. Anquan Boldin, WR
  5. Adrian Peterson, RB
  6. Vernon Davis, TE
  7. Chris Chambers, WR
  8. Mark Clayton, WR
  9. DeShaun Foster, RB
  10. Eli Manning, QB
  11. Dallas DST
  12. Jerry Porter, WR
  13. Vernand Morency, RB
  14. Matt Stover, K
  15. Brandon Marshall, WR

So how did I do?

I feel weak at the WR position for sure. Boldin and Chambers are my starters going into the season, and if Chambers has another season like last year I could be in trouble. Clayton may end up being a better WR2 after he gets over some injury concerns. Porter and Marshall are sleepers with good upside, and they may crack the starting lineup at some point this season.

I reached for Peterson in the 5th round, but I was really high on the guy going into the draft and thought it was a decent value at the time. I do not think I will regret grabbing him, but I can see how people will critique that move. Other than that, I feel OK at RB. If Alexander and Jones can stay on the field, they should be a pretty good tandem. Foster, a starting RB, is a great value in the 9th round.

Brees solidifies the QB position, and I thought Eli Manning in the 10th round was a good value.

Davis has the potential to be a break-out player and challenge Antonio Gates’ numbers. At least I hope …

Dallas’ defense should be better with Wade Phillips at the helm, and Stover is as reliable as they come in the kicking industry.

That is my side of the story and I am sticking to it! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about my team.


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  1. I don’t love Alexander at 4. I personally have a feeling that Seattle is due for a down year. Age and injuries to Alexander, W. Jones, Hasslebeck, etc. just make me uneasy. I would have preferred Addai or Gore if they were available, but I don’t hate him either. I have a similar team where I added depth at RB and waited and chose Clayton as my number 2. WR always emerge, so its the best position to be weak in. I think Marshall will put up solid numbers. I like the Davis pick and Dallas, both of whom I think will have big years. Good job.

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