Larry Johnson inks extension with Chiefs

Larry Johnson owners can breathe a collective sigh of relief: LJ has signed a five-year contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs.

This move means LJ will stay near the top of the first-round in most drafts.


3 Responses

  1. Glad the special TJI negotiators could get both sides to the table and help get this deal hammered out. No one’s giving us credit, but they should! Go LJ!!!

  2. He signed for huge money too, so his motivation could be a weaker than its been in recent seasons. Plus throw in the lack of offensive weapons and the QB mess and LJ will likely disappoint. That said, he’s still a top 5 pick b/c he’ll get 375+ carries barring injury.

  3. Feel free to delete this comment after you’re read it. I wasn’t sure how to contact you.

    Just wanted to share this piece of FF news.

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