Haze keeper preview: Michael

Michael finished a disappointing 2006 campaign in 10th place, earning the No. 10 spot in the keeper declaration draft.

He also owns the No. 3 spot in the first round of the Haze serpentine draft.

Owner profile

Name: Michael McNeil
Career record: 29 – 25
2006 Highlight: Drafting Laurence Maroney in the 7th round and acquiring Willie Parker via trade and Cedric Benson via free agency to highlight an exciting keeper class for 2007.

Haze keeper rules in a nutshell

Each Haze owner gets the opportunity to keep two players in the round the player was originally drafted for the first season. Every subsequent season the player is kept, he moves up one round in the draft.

Since this is the first keeper season for Haze, all keepers will be kept in the round originally drafted.

Go here to see Michael’s potential keepers.

Hazean analysis

Haze owners Marc Budyach and Blaine Clancy team up to analyze the potential keepers for each owner in a PTI-like debate. Enjoy!

Budyach: Coming off his best season as a pro, it is a no brainer in keeping “Fast” Willie Parker. Look for the new offense to throw the ball to Parker out of the backfield to utilize his speed in the open field.

Laurence Maroney has one of the brightest upsides out of all the rookie running backs of 2006. His downhill running will fit the Patriots perfectly. His numbers will increase with the departure of veteran runningback Corey Dillon. Double-digit touchdowns for Maroney is not out of the question.

Clancy: Projected on average as the 6th pick in most redraft leagues, Willie Parker looks to continue his breakout campaign of 2006. As long as he can stay consistent on a regular basis he should put up huge numbers this season.

I could have gone with Laurence Maroney, too, but Cedric Benson seems like a better play for a No. 2 runningback. Chicago is a run first offense so even if Benson’s yard-per-carry is not high, he still will get the rock 20 times a game. Also, what hurts Maroney is that the Patriots signed receivers Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth in the offseason. Those are not typically players you would sign if you wanted to run the ball a lot.


One Response

  1. He need to know who I should keep in my football league. Either Ronnie Brown or Cedric Benson. I need help! Brown under Cameron I hope will be used like LT but their offensive line is terrible. Benson will get the ball, but will he be used on third down. Please give me some advice

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