Haze keeper preview: James

James finished his rookie season in 9th place and owns the No. 9 pick in the keeper declaration draft.

He also owns the No. 4 spot in the first round of the Haze serpentine draft.

Owner profile

Name: James Bullington
Career record: 3 – 10
2006 Highlight: Drafting Joseph Addai in the 6th round of the 2006 draft.

Haze keeper rules in a nutshell

Each Haze owner gets the opportunity to keep two players in the round the player was originally drafted for the first season. Every subsequent season the player is kept, he moves up one round in the draft.

Since this is the first keeper season for Haze, all keepers will be kept in the round originally drafted.

Go here to see James’ potential keepers.

Hazean analysis

Haze owners Michael McNeil and Blaine Clancy team up to analyze the potential keepers for each owner in a PTI-like debate. Enjoy!

Clancy: Baltimore was hands down the best defense in fantasy last year. In our scoring system, they were the Antonio Gates of defenses. Baltimore will once again return most of their players from this incredible D and continue to create turnovers while keeping teams to low scores year round.

Joseph Addai will be the top sophmore runningback going into this year’s draft. James had the foresight to see his potential and he capaitilized by selecting Addai in the 6th round.  While most mock drafts are predicting Addai to go in the middle of the first round, James will happily use his 6th round pick to keep a fantasy stud for this year, and at least 5 more years to come.

McNeil: There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that James should keep Joseph Addai in the 6th round. That is about as no-brainer as they come in this business. But what to do with that second pick? James has a fairly high draft pick in the serpentine draft and could snag a good complement to Addai at runningback with that pick. If that is his strategy, then it would be in his best interest to keep Chad Johnson in the second round. Johnson is considered an elite wide receiver among fantasy experts and easily could find himself atop the rankings by season’s end.


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