Haze keeper preview: Doogie

In lieu of the weekly Wednesday Top-10 lists, The Hazean will be rolling out keeper previews for each Haze owner over the next few weeks. Keeper declaration deadlines start this Friday.

Go here to see all the teams and keeper declaration deadlines.

Doogie won the 2006 Haze Championship and gets the honor of declaring his keepers first. Doogie’s deadline to declare the first two keepers is midnight on July 27, 2007.

He also owns the No. 12 spot in the first round of the Haze serpentine draft.

Owner profile

Name: Brent “Doogie” Bergeron
Career record: 22 – 31 – 1
2006 Highlight: Winning the Haze League for the first time with the help of Steven Jackson and Brian Westbrook

Haze keeper rules in a nutshell

Each Haze owner gets the opportunity to keep two players in the round the player was originally drafted for the first season. Every subsequent season the player is kept, he moves up one round in the draft.

Since this is the first keeper season for Haze, all keepers will be kept in the round originally drafted.

Doogie’s list of eligible keepers

  • Steven Jackson, Rams (1st round)
  • Brian Westbrook, Eagles (2nd round)
  • Tom Brady, Patriots (3rd round)
  • Roy Williams, Lions (4th round)
  • Mike Bell, Broncos (5th round)
  • Kellen Winslow, Browns (7th round)
  • Rex Grossman, Bears (8th round)
  • Chris Henry, Bengals (8th round)
  • Lee Evans, Bills (8th round)
  • Jerricho Cotchery, Jets (8th round)
  • Philadelphia D (14th round)
  • Nate Kaeding, Chargers (15th round)

Hazean analysis

Haze owners Michael McNeil and Blaine Clancy team up to analyze the potential keepers for each owner in a PTI-like debate. Enjoy!

Clancy: Steven Jackson has all the tools to be an elite runningback in fantasy football — power, speed, and the ability to become a viable option in the receiving game. At the 12th spot in the first round, Jackson will be a great value as he will be drafted second or third overall in most fantasy leagues.

Lee Evans had a breakout season last year with several strong performances, most notably his 200+ yard game against the Houston Texans. He is the undisputed No. 1 receiver on a Bills team that has a budding young quarterback in J.P. Losman. In the 8th round, Doogie is getting fantastic value for a young receiver that could help pave the way for another championship run this year and several years to come.

McNeil: At first glance I thought there was no way Doogie could go wrong if he kept Rex Grossman and Chris Henry. Sanity restored itself, thankfully, and there is absolutely no way Doogie passes up the opportunity to defend his Haze Championship with the two guys who got him there — Steven Jackson and Brian Westbrook. Yes, he gives up his first two picks of the draft, but he is getting a guy projected as the No. 2 or 3 prospect available this year and a guy projected by most as a mid-first rounder. Lee Evans may be a good value in the 8th round, but the value of these two guys at No. 12 and 13 overall slots is gi-normous. If he can build his team around these two guys, Doogie would be set for another run to the championship.


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