Michael Vick: Guilty until proven innocent

In the court of public opinion, Michael Vick is as good as done in the National Football League.

Petitions abound calling for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to suspend Vick from the league for eternity. Websites and message boards light up with negative commentary on the Atlanta Falcons’ signal-caller. PETA is demonstrating outside the NFL offices in New York and threatening to protest outside Falcons training camp.

This is completely ridiculous.

Vick has not been convicted in the court of law, but activists are advocating suspending the guy from the NFL for life. Not even Pacman Jones deserves that kind of action … at least not yet.

Vick is being blasted from all sides, and it may turn out to be rightfully so in the end, but until the legal process is complete and he is convicted of something he should not have to endure such persecution. And he certainly should not be suspended from the NFL for life unless he is proven guilty in the court of law.

I know the things he is accused of doing are terrible and should be admonished in society, but how in the world are they going to find a non-biased jury in this case? It seems everyone has an opinion about Vick and his allegations these days, and most of the opinions are negative (rightfully so).

But if the public had its way, Vick would not even stand trial. PETA would gladly lock him up and throw away the key, regardless of his innocence or guilt.

Let the courts decide Vick’s future in the NFL, not some silly vendetta-driven petition.


3 Responses

  1. You are right on. Has everybody forgotten the Duke Lacrosse case. They were guily before the case went to court. They were suspended from school, season gone, and reputation ruined. And we all saw how they turned out. Innocent until proven guilty.

  2. I completely agree. What happens if it comes out in a couple months that somehow it really wasn’t Vick that was doing all this stuff? It sounds as if he did, but it is possible that he isn’t guilty, and it would be a shame. The Duke Lacrosse analogy by Brad is spot on, and we need to be careful before getting out our Jump To Conclusions Mats

  3. Like the O.J. judicial disaster, intelligent people don’t have to wait for a legal resolution when the facts clearly point in the direction of having dirty hands, be it direct involvement or indirect.

    Did you not see the interview on tv, in April, where Vick was asked by the media if he was innocent of the allegations. He refused to answer, choosing instead to smile (smirk) and tell the reporter that he wasn’t making any statements at that time.

    Michael Vick’s football career, at least in Atlanta, is over – regardless of what the verdict ends up being. His house was not rented, HE lived there, HE is responsible for ANY illegal activity that takes place on HIS property. That much he IS guilty of already.

    His ego and huge paycheck have proven to be his downfall. That and his love of dogfighting.

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