Hazean mock draft: Round 2, Pick 11

The 2007 Hazean blogger mock draft is nearing its end and finally made its way back to me. A number of great players have flown off the board since my first pick, St. Louis Rams runningback Steven Jackson.

Having Jackson already on the team makes this pick a little interesting. It means I have a stud at the runningback position to rely on for consistency and so much more. Thus, I intend to take a look at a different position with this pick — wide receiver.

Only the top wide receiver — Steve Smith of the Panthers — has come off the board at this point, which means I have several great options. Here is a quick look:

  • Marvin Harrison, Colts — Talk about a consistent player. His synergy with Peyton Manning has paid off through the years and Harrison keeps himself in top shape. There is no reason to doubt his ability to produce big-time numbers once again this year.
  • Terrell Owens, Cowboys — Owens is a beast, probably the most physically fit of all the wide receivers in the league. He is working with a new quarterback in Tony Romo, who seemed to take a liking to throwing the ball to T.O. last year.
  • Torry Holt, Rams — Just like Harrison, Holt keeps himself in great shape and is able to produce top-tier numbers year after year despite growing older. He clearly is Marc Bulger’s favorite target, but already having one player from the Rams on my roster discourages me from taking the great Holt.
  • Chad Johnson, Bengals — Flashy and fun, Johnson had a rough start to the season last year but emerged as Cincinnati’s main man by season’s end. If he starts out like he fininshed last year, Johnson could be the best wide receiver in the league.

With all that being said, my second round pick in the 2007 Hazean blogger mock draft is none other than Chad Johnson of the Bengals. 

Johnson likely will begin the season much like he ended last season, especially with the absence of No. 3 wide receiver Chris Henry. Carson Palmer will look for his man CJ often and early this year, and my team should reap the rewards. 


4 Responses

  1. I didn’t expect a receiver, but I like the pick

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