Wednesday’s Top-10

Many of the NFL’s talented wide receivers could lay claim to the No. 1 spot in The Hazean’s WTT — and most of them would tell you they deserve to be No. 1 — but only one man actually can wear the crown.

These guys are The Hazean’s version of a Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza. 

If you want to catch up on the WTT, check out last’s week runningback rankings.

WTT for July 4, 2007: Wide receivers

Haze owner Blaine Clancy joins me once again to rank the top-10. Next week another Haze owner — Marc Budyach — will join Blaine and I as we rank the game’s best tight ends.

But now, it is time for the show:

  1. Steve Smith, Panthers Clancy: Smith is the most explosive receiver in the game right now. His ability to burn defenses and make the secondary miss are unmatched.
  2. Marvin Harrison, Colts — McNeil: Does this guy ever get older? Every offseason, pundits proclaim the end is near for Harrison. And every season, the guy gets it done. He plays in a great offense with a great supporting cast and Harrsion has great synergy with quarterback Peyton Manning. He may be one season closer to the end, but it does not appear to be this season.
  3. Chad Johnson, Bengals Clancy: Could this be the year that the Bengals offense passes up the Colts as THE Offense? With Carson Palmer coming into his own, and a legit WR2 in T.J. Houshmandzadeh to take the pressure off, Johnson will once again remain an elite receiver. He came out of the blocks slow in 2006, but caught fire during the end of the regular season to lead all receivers in yardage.
  4. Terrell Owens, CowboysMcNeil: Terrell Owens, Cowboys — Year two in Dallas, and if history repeats itself it could be a rough season for T.O. and the Cowboys. But Wade Phillips is the coach in Big D these days, and Owens might be on a longer leash than in the past. Dallas quarterback Tony Romo seems to favor T.O. and if their relationship blossoms it could mean big things for Owens and the ‘Boys.
  5. Torry Holt,  Rams Clancy: The Greatest Show on Turf is coming back for another tour. With the addition of Drew Bennett and Marc Bulger becoming comfortable in the offense, Holt is poised for another great season. This guy gets it done year in and year out.
  6. Roy Williams, Lions McNeil: Adding Calvin Johnson to a budding offense only helps Roy Williams, who had a great season in 2006. The pressure is off Williams now as CJ and Mike Furrey will keep defenses honest. If the Lions are as bad as everyone seems to think, they will be playing from behind almost every week, which bodes well for Williams and Co.
  7. Javon Walker, Broncos Clancy: After one year of adjusting to the offense, Walker enters his second season with the Broncos. Future NFL star quarterback Jay Cutler takes over the reigns full-time this year. The stars are aligning for Walker to have a breakout year, with him getting into double-digit scores for the first time as a Bronco.
  8. Reggie Wayne, Colts McNeil: Wayne still sits below Harrison on the Colts’ depth chart, otherwise he would be No. 2 on this list. Wayne has the potential to consistenly post top-10 fantasy numbers despite Harrison’s gravity, which is a testament to his ability and the proficiency of the Colts’ offense.
  9. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals Clancy: Fitzgerald is part of the second best receiving tandem in the NFL (behind Harrison and Wayne, of course). He was hampered by a hamstring injury during the 2006 campaign, but after a successful offseason he will bounce back and emerge as a go-to-guy in what should be a potent Cardinals’ attack.
  10. Anquan Boldin, Cardinals McNeil: Boldin constitutes the other half of the Cardinals’ potent wide receiver tandem. Arizona sure has given Matt Leinart the tools to succeed. If he can spread the ball around effectively, Boldin and Fitz both are due for top-10 seasons.

2 Responses

  1. Nice Analytics, but i would put Marvin Harrison not at #2, he is getting old and will get always the best and younger CB on his butt.
    I expect Reggei Wayne the better draft in this years FF Draft.

    – Would be great to see your commetns on my website, english language is always welcome and will be answered in english, even if you see german comments now 😉

    a Linkexchange would also be great.

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