Hazean mock draft update

The first three selections of the 2007 Hazean blogger mock draft are in the books. Here is a look at what has transpired so far:

First round

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Chargers [TINO Sports Page]
  2. Steven Jackson, RB, Rams [The Hazean]
  3. Joseph Addai, RB, Colts [MWC Football]

Fr. Jim is next on the list with the No. 4 pick due tomorrow.


The first pick went as expected, with the best fantasy player of the last few years — LaDainian Tomlinson — coming off the board.

But the next two selections could be viewed by some as shocking.

Steven Jackson is near the LT/LJ threshold. He had a great season last year and is an up-and-coming fantasy stud. If he can outperform last year’s stats, SJax could end up near LT numbers.

With LT and SJax off the board, most people would assume Larry Johnson would not slip past No. 3. But he did, and for Joseph Addai.

In his second year with the Colts, Addai looks to take on a more prominent role. Dominic Rhodes is gone, so Addai will see more touches than last season. He proved to be a very capable runner/receiver last year, which could make him the next Edgerrin James. Time will tell.

The question now is: How far does Larry Johnson slide?


4 Responses

  1. I’m surprised Addai went off the board at 3 instead of Johnson, but I’m pretty certain LJ will be taken by Fr. Jim.

    BTW, I put up the beta site: http://www.nflminute.com/mockdraft/

    I haven’t given it a new skin yet, but I plan to eventually. Check it out and sign up. Also, tell your friends to sign up as well. It’ll be a better forum with more active members.

  2. […] face off (still don’t know how that happened). The bloggers that are participating in The Hazean Mock Draft have decided to put a league together. We started an IDP re-draft league at TINO. I’m going […]

  3. Still waiting on Fr. Jim to pick, I tried to contact him but no luck so far. Hopefully he will make his selection soon!

  4. Alright, I still cannot get in touch with Fr. Jim, so we are going to have a guest picker make the selection.

    The guest picker is Blaine Clancy. He has contributed to a few columns here on The Hazean and is a member of my paid, competitive fantasy football league, Haze. I have a hunch who he is going to take (we all probably do), and I will post it when he emails me the selection. After that I will contact the next pick (Fantasy Football Librarian I believe) so we can keep this thing going.

    So sorry for the delay, but we will be back online soon.

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