Hazean mock draft: Round 1, Pick 2

My turn.

TINO Sports Page contemplated the three players worthy of being selected No. 1 overall. By taking LaDainian Tomlinson No. 1 (a wise choice) he left me with two good options: Larry Johnson and Steven Jackson.

Those are, obviously, my best two options because both guys are capable of carrying a fantasy football team to the championship. My next pick does not come until July 23, and between now and then most quality runningbacks will fly off the board. It is important to get your hands on a good one while you can.

Larry Johnson burst onto the scene in 2005 thanks to an injury to then-Chiefs’ starter Priest Holmes. LJ never looked back and has carried fantasy teams (and the Chiefs) on his back ever since.

What concerns me about LJ is the amount of carries he received, the state of Kansas City’s offense and the offensive line situation.

Johnson carried the ball an NFL-record 416 times last season. How long his body can handle that kind of workload in unknown, but history is not on his side. Plus, LJ may hold out for an extended period of time if he does not get the money he desires.

The Chiefs may start the season with Brodie Croyle at quarterback. This would allow defenses to stack the box against Johnson until Croyle can prove — with a below average receiving corps — that he can beat them.

Finally, Johnson’s O-line is aging, and with an untested quarterback behind center would be overcome with pressure from the opposing defenses.

This brings me to Steven Jackson. He is young and plays on an explosive offense. He is capable of rushing and receiving and is a solid guy to have near the goal-line. SJax is an up-and-coming fantasy stud in this league, and due to supplant LJ as the No. 2 fantasy player this season. Although I have my concerns about St. Louis the team, the Rams’ offense is potent and capable of scoring a ton of points.

With that being said, Steven Jackson officially is my selection in the No. 2 spot. He is the type of back that can carry a fantasy team to the championship and The Hazean is proud to offer him a spot on its roster. 

Results of the Hazean’s blogger mock draft so far:

First round

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, Chargers [TINO Sports Page]
  2. Steven Jackson, RB, Rams [The Hazean]
  3. MWC Football [July 3]
  4. Fr. Jim [July 4]
  5. Fantasy Football Librarian [July 5]
  6. Curveballs for Jesus [July 6]
  7. Next Gen Pro Football [July 7]
  8. Cheesesteaks & Stuff [July 8]
  9. Signal to Noise [July 9]
  10. NFL Minute [July 10]
  11. FanProphet [July 11]
  12. The Extrapolater [July 12]

Second round

  1. The Extrapolater [July 13]
  2. FanProphet [July 14]
  3. NFL Minute [July 15]
  4. Signal to Noise [July 16]
  5. Cheesesteaks & Stuff [July 17]
  6. Next Gen Pro Football [July 18]
  7. Curveballs for Jesus [July 19]
  8. FantasyFootball Librarian [July 20]
  9. Fr. Jim [July 21]
  10. MWC Football [July 22]
  11. The Hazean [July 23]
  12. TINO Sports Page [July 24]

4 Responses

  1. Hey guys great job so far with the draft blog. We definitely have our work cut out for us. This is turning out to have been a great idea.

    Just a quick update: we’re in the middle of transferring our page over to another domain. nextgenprofootball.com is becoming……


    Right now the page is still helter skelter but all of our old items can be found on that page. Might be a couple more days before everything is the way we want it to be, but things should be looking nice for our 7th selection blog on July 7th. Just wanted to let everybody know in case they have links pointing to the .com name so they can get them pointing to .net

    We certainly appreciate all the love and and are looking forward to reading selections 3-6.

  2. Dang it! I thought he would slip. Just kidding!

    Yeah, and Jackson is speaking of going for 2500 yards. Great pick! Great post!

  3. SJax is money. I don’t know about him reaching his goals this year but I could see him top last year…which was pretty damn good.

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