Blogger draft order

The moment you have all been waiting for … The Hazean’s 2007 blogger mock draft order:

First round

  1. TINO Sports Page [July 1]
  2. The Hazean [July 2]
  3. MWC Football [July 3]
  4. Fr. Jim [July 4]
  5. Fantasy Football Librarian [July 5]
  6. Curveballs for Jesus [July 6]
  7. Next Gen Pro Football [July 7]
  8. Cheesesteaks & Stuff [July 8]
  9. Signal to Noise [July 9]
  10. NFL Minute [July 10]
  11. FanProphet [July 11]
  12. The Extrapolater [July 12]

Second round

  1. The Extrapolater [July 13]
  2. FanProphet [July 14]
  3. NFL Minute [July 15]
  4. Signal to Noise [July 16]
  5. Cheesesteaks & Stuff [July 17]
  6. Next Gen Pro Football [July 18]
  7. Curveballs for Jesus [July 19]
  8. FantasyFootball Librarian [July 20]
  9. Fr. Jim [July 21]
  10. MWC Football [July 22]
  11. The Hazean [July 23]
  12. TINO Sports Page [July 24]

This mock draft will run us up right to NFL training camp, a fitting time for it to end.

I hope everyone is ready for some fantasy football draft action! It should be an enjoyable, yet educational, experience.

Thanks to all the great bloggers for participating. If you get a chance, please visit their sites.


31 Responses

  1. Alright everybody, hope you are ready. Please respond to this post to check in, so that I know you have seen your position in the draft.

    I would like it if you posted your selection on YOUR blog. Notify me when you have done so, and I will link to it. I encourage everyone to link to the picks, so we can drive some traffic around.

    Trash talk, commentary, analysis … it’s all fair game! Hope everyone is excited about this draft.

    Let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions.

  2. 2007 is the Year of the Kicker! If you do not have a kicker early than consider yourself an early loser.

  3. 8th pick? I hope Jon Kitna lasts long enough for me to take him! 😀

  4. July 10? Looks like I have plenty of time to prepare my cheatsheets!

    Good luck, everybody!

    P.S. I like the idea of posting on each owner’s blog to drive traffic around.

  5. so with pick 3 I take TJ Whoozyourmama

  6. Number 9…number 9…number 9….

  7. Cool, I think I am going to really enjoy blogging about this over the course of the next month. Hey, it’s all fair game? Good job guys.

  8. […] Draft By Aaron In the first annual “The Hazean’s” 2007 blogger fantasy football 12-team mock draft I couldn’t ask for a better draft position […]

  9. Gotcha. This is a good idea youhad here man. Too bad we didn’t get on it earlier to get up to three rounds.

  10. Nice. This is definitely some great blog fodder…until July 5….

  11. Have I missed something? Has anyone drafted yet?

  12. Or can you only draft on your particular day?

  13. frjim, it begins July 1st…I need a link for you to add to the post at my blog. BTW…I challenge you all to a league. Winner sports a pic or something with a neutral name for the title.

  14. Does anyone want to do a full fantasy league between us all?? And have updates on our sites?? just an idea

  15. Good idea Jeremy…lol. You may not have seen it but I posted a challenge to all. I would love to. I commish so many in depth Dynasty leagues that I don’t want to run another league so if someone else wants to run with it, I’m in.

    BTW…first pick has been made at TINO Sports Page.

  16. there are a bunch of comments i may have missed it. I wouldnt mind setting one up with everyone here

  17. I am down for that, it would be a lot of fun.

  18. Go for setting it up and I’m in. Even if all 12 don’t do it, 10 would do.

  19. When I mentioned it in my writeup yesterday Cheeshead commented he would be in on it.

  20. Jeremy, could you set us up on Yahoo!?

  21. BTW..I meant Cheesesteak

  22. I’d be up for a league with you guys.

  23. So….Anymore thoughts on a league. It appears like we have interest. anyone want to run with it and set the league up?

  24. Alright, I will set it up and post the league login info. I am going to use the rules I mentioned for this mock draft.

  25. OK, here we go: sign into Yahoo! and go to:

    The League ID is: 136672
    Password is: blogger

    Draft day is August 19 at 11 a.m.

  26. Hey…I might be out for the league. Yes, surprisingly I already have plans for 8/19, and not the kind you can reschedule. I assume that’s 11 eastern time? I’ll be on an airplane during the draft. I’d love to do this though so if I can find a back-up drafter that I trust (oh so hard), would that be cool with you guys?

  27. Yes, we would love to have you still! Even if you cannot find a back-up draft, your team can be auto-selected by Yahoo! I know it is not the best option, but at least you get to play.

  28. You may want to remove the league info from your post. I’m not sure we want some crazy random person coming along and joining the league.

  29. I can remove people from the league, so if someone joins who we do not want I can remove them from the league.

  30. Okay, sounds good!

  31. Yahoo’s auto-select is definitely a good option – and perhaps this would just pose a bigger challenge for me during the season. I love draft day though, so I’ll be sorry to miss it. Count me back in. And note that this sort of scheduling problem is exactly why no one should consider getting married between the months of August and January – traveling for those weddings just gets in the way of football plans.

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