The Hazean’s blogger mock draft

Are you a blogger? Are you interested in fantasy football? The Hazean is hosting a blogger fantasy football mock draft and we need you!

If you are interested in participating in the 12-blogger, two-round mock draft, please leave a comment with your URL below. Rules and all that stuff will be explained after 12 bloggers are selected.

Current participants:

  1. The Hazean
  2. Cheesesteaks & Stuff
  3. Curveballs for Jesus
  4. MWC Football
  5. TINO Sports Page
  6. The Extrapolater
  7. FanProphet
  8. Signal to Noise
  9. Fr. Jim
  10. Fantasy Football Librarian
  11. Next Gen Pro Football
  12. NFL Minute

Stay tuned for details!


14 Responses

  1. Count me in!

  2. Sure, buddy, let me know what I need to do.

  3. Id like to be in on this

  4. I would like to have some of that kind Sir

  5. I have been playing Fantasy Football for over 8 years and last year I was in eleven leagues. Two of these leagues, which I was the commissioner, were with a live draft with a draft board and timer. This way of drafting much more exciting than a draft on the internet. Last year I made the playoffs in 6 of the eleven, came in second in two and won one. The one I won was the most important to me since it was with people I work with.
    I always am looking for oppertunities top step up my game and would love to be a part of a mock draft.

  6. NGPF is in. Thanks for the invite.

  7. One spot left!

  8. I’m in if it’s still available

  9. Alright, we have 12 … stay tuned for details, I will be getting them out to you shortly.

  10. If you need a replacement let us know.

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