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A few things making news today …


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  1. Yeah, I’d say “capable” is about as far as I’m willing to go with it. But I thought #32 out of 32 was a bit harsh.

  2. I think he does have potential, but can he beat Huard out this year?

  3. Well, not to sink my own premise, but it does seem a little surprising that Croyle would get the early nod. Huard has proven himself in the system and probably has the experience to play well behind an iffy offensive line. But if King is making his list with the assumption that Croyle is the starter, I have to stand up for my guy. I would have done the same, with different answers, if Huard were projected.

    I really don’t think this year will be very good no matter who is under center, but as a homer, I always have high hopes for the future….

  4. Good points on the thought that neither is the answer this year Extra P. That’s an ugly situation there if you ask me. KC better hope the D can keep them in games. Shields has hung it up, WR is still up in the air…I wouldn’t touch the fantasy O in KC outside of LJ.

  5. Absolutely. I would not throw Quinn out there on game one. Let me watch and learn. If half way through the season the team is losing and the other QB is struggling, then put him in. It used to take 3-4 years before a rookie would see playing time. While I don’t advocate that I do believe a rookie would benefit from watching a faster game a little while.

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