Breaking News: More trouble for Pacman Jones

Troubled Tennessee Titans’ cornerback Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones may be involved in a late-night shooting incident at a strip club in Georgia.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that police want to question Jones about the incident, though no charges have been filed against Jones yet.

No news is good news for Pacman Jones, who already is set to serve a one-year suspension from the National Football League. If Jones’ name continues to pop up in stories like this (and if charges ever are filed against him), his NFL career would end.

In other news, Cincinnati’s Chris Henry and Reggie McNeal were cleared of assaulting a teenage boy last week. Police have identified two other suspects in the case.


One Response

  1. If this doesn’t end up as a case of mistaken identity one would have to think Pacman’s NFL career will soon be over.Unbelievable.

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