Jacksonville interested in Culpepper

Jacksonville quarterbacks Byron Leftwich and David Garrard told ESPN.com that the Jaguars are interested in acquiring Miami Dolphins’ lame duck quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

According to the interview, Leftwich was told by Jacksonville management that the move has nothing to do with his status as the team’s starting quarterback.

Garrard said he had a similar discussion with the Jags’ front office.


After Miami acquired Trent Green from the Kansas City Chiefs, the Dolphins made it perfectly clear they were no longer interested in Culpepper’s services.

Culpepper made it clear he would not accept a trade. Instead, he demands to be released by the Dolphins so he can negotiate a new contract.

It seems as if this situation is headed for a battle of wills.

Culpepper is adamant about getting his release from the Dolphins for financial reasons. The Dolphins no longer want his services. Eventually, one of the sides will budge, and it likely will be the Dolphins if Culpepper is true to his word and voids any potential trade.

Jacksonville has been the front-runner for Culpepper’s services since the Dolphins acquired Green. Culpepper’s ties with Jags’ assistant head coach Mike Tice makes the potential move more interesting, as he reportedly has lobbied the Jacksonville front office about making a deal.

If Culpepper does land in Jacksonville he likely will not start a game this season, unless Leftwich gets hurt … which has been known to happen.


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