Breaking News: Henry may be in trouble again

Chris Henry may be in trouble again.

According to several sources, the beleaguered Cincinnati Bengals’ receiver may be involved in the alleged assault of a 16-year-old boy. The boy lives near Henry and alleged accomplice Reggie McNeal, also a member of the Bengals.

Henry already is set to serve an eight-game suspension imposed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. If Henry’s name keeps popping up in these type of headlines, it might not be long until Goodell boots him from the league for good.


10 Responses

  1. this is just terrible…destroying himself is one thing, but enough is enough…

  2. The entire NFLK is on toxic levels of steroid, cortisone and amphetmaines.

    Expect many more off-field violence and assault.

    This is only the tip of the Roger Goodell pharma freak show.

    LIVE WRONG! Nike says so.

  3. I just read on KFFL that the charges were unfounded.

  4. Do you have a link? I could not find it on KFFL.

  5. Unfounded = NFL media speak for GUILTY as sin

  6. I don’t know, Curt. You seem to be so biased against the NFL that maybe your whiney ass should stick to baseball.

  7. Baseball has many drunken/doped drivers:

    Tony LaRussa
    Josh Hancock (deceased)
    Steve Howe (deceased)
    Esteban Loaisa
    Doc Gooden
    Daryl Strawberry

    MLB or NFL, not much of a difference if you ask me.

  8. Society, in general, has many drunken/doped drivers, as you call them. Sure, I would like to see baseball do more to prevent incidents and the NFL has begun to take steps in that direction but I just don’t understand your harsh bitterness.

  9. Michael, I have no link. I’m subsrcibed to KFFL’s newsletter and I received an email about it. I copied it for you:

    KFFL Breaking News

    Henry Accused of Assault; Charges Unfounded reports a claim made by a 16-year-old Florence, Ky., boy that he was assaulted by Cincinnati Bengals WR Chris Henry Friday, June 8, is unfounded, according to a source. The boy claimed Henry was one of two men who jumped from an SUV and attacked him and a friend, according to Florence Capt. Linny Cloyd. The teen also claimed to have seen WR Reggie McNeal inside the car. According to the report, when the two teens tried to run away, a second man got out of the car and pushed one of the boys to the ground.

  10. […] other news, Cincinnati’s Chris Henry and Reggie McNeal were cleared of assaulting a teenage boy last week. Police have identified two other suspects in the […]

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