Possible Brady Quinn holdout?

According to Your Home for Penn State Football and Sports, Cleveland Browns’ first-round draft pick Brady Quinn may hold out of training camp this summer.

Although there are no sources to verify the rumor, a player holding out of camp is nothing new to the NFL these days and it would be expected if Quinn does not have a deal in place by camp.

However, such a decision by Quinn could further hurt his stock and reputation. Cleveland moved up in the draft to snag Quinn as he free-fell through the first round of the NFL draft.

Quinn clearly is the future at the quarterback position for the Browns and expressed his desire before the draft to play for Cleveland.

If the potential hold-out is a long one, it could do harm to his chances of seeing the field this season.


Yahoo! Sports posted a story that mentions a possible hold-out by Brady Quinn.

Quinn said all the right things.

“At this point, I really haven’t played the scenario out in my head,” he said. “I’m just trying to take it day by day. Especially in a situation where it’s so competitive, I can’t look ahead toward things. We’ve still got practices. And they’re all very competitive.”

Quinn mentioned in the story that he is not even thinking about contract negotiations right now. Instead, he is focusing on learning the Browns’ playbook so he can compete for the starting quarterback position this summer.

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4 Responses

  1. What will happen to Brady Quinn and the Cleveland Browns if Quinn holds out?

  2. It seems to me that a Quinn holdout would hurt his chances at winning the starting job for the beginning of the season. Quinn would be third on the depth chart by the time he arrived at camp behind Derek Anderson and Charlie Frye.

    I think most people understand when first rounders hold out these days. I think it would be in Quinn’s best interest to get the deal done ASAP, though, so that he does not damage his image in Cleveland. A long hold out could be devastating to Quinn’s popularity.

  3. Glad to see you look at our site and even happier that you mentioned it.



  4. I am a Browns fan, and I always will be. But one thing that all Browns fans have in common is: We don’t buy this contract BS. If you want to play the game and you want to be a Brown, then do it and shut up. Money is important, but Brady would make all that he’ll ever need. I would play for little money if I could just play and help the Browns win every Sunday. That’s a true fan and player of the game. Base pay in the league is now 600 grand. Even at that I would do it because I love them game. It’s sad that the money hungry morons coming out of college these days don’t see it that way. The NFL Players Assoc. and the agents will eventually ruin this great past time that we have.. Way To Go Morons!!!

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