Hot off the press: McNabb back on the field

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb returned to the practice field today, apparently weeks ahead of schedule.

McNabb was not expected to return to live, on-field action for a few more weeks due to the knee injury he suffered last fall. According to, McNabb has been rehabbing vigorously since the injury and made his return to practice much earlier than expected.


This sounds an awful lot like the Daunte Culpepper saga last season. Culpepper was so set on returning to live action that he rushed his rehab and ended up missing more than half of last season, and serious health concerns still exist for Culpepper this spring.

It is no secret that McNabb was upset with the Eagles’ draft, which makes the situation reek of McNabb rushing to get back onto the field so he does not lose his job.

Hopefully I am wrong and McNabb is healthy and ready to go for week one this season.


One Response

  1. This is nothing like the Danta Culpepper of last season. Culpepper’s knee injury was a lot worse than McNabb’s. Culpepper basically blew out his entire knee while the only thing injured in McNabb’s knee was the ACL.

    And the is ZERO chance of McNabb losing his job. As long as he’s healthy enough to play he’ll be on the field for the Eagles. The drafting of Kolb has no impact on the Eagles QB situation unless your name is Kelly Holcomb.

    Love your blog.

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