Fantasy Friday

Miami Dolphins acquire Trent Green

The Miami Dolphins acquired Trent Green from the Kansas City Chiefs this week in a move that signals the end of days for Daunte Culpepper in South Beach.

The move clears the way for Damon Huard to be the next starting quarterback in Kansas City, although the team insists Brodie Croyle will compete for the job.

Meanwhile, Culpepper has demanded he be released rather than traded. He insisted he would void any trade Miami is able to obtain for his services.

Miami reportedly is talking to several teams about a possible trade.

Fantasy Spin

Trent Green takes over in Miami with no competition. If he can return to form after a shaky 2006 campaign, Miami has the weapons for Green to be a competitive fantasy quarterback once again.

Damon Huard likely will become the next Chiefs’ quarterback and he performed admirably in Green’s absence last season. However, without a great receiving corps and with an aging offensive line, Huard could struggle at the helm. Larry Johnson will need to carry the load — again — for Kansas City to be successful.

Culpepper likely will not start next season, which could be good for his rehabilitation. He rushed back to the playing field last season and it cost him not only his short-term health but also his long-term job.

Alternate Opinions

Shot to Nothing … opines about the Trent Green-to-Miami deal.

Signal to Noise wonders why the Daunte Culpepper Experiment ended so soon.

Feds raid Michael Vick’s house

The news keeps getting worse for Michael Vick.

Federal law enforcement officers raided Vick’s property in Surry, Va., on Thursday in connection with the on-going dog fighting scandal.

Fantasy Spin

If the feds tie Vick to dog fighting, he could face a signficant suspension from the NFL. More importantly, Vick likely would face serious jail time if convicted.

This is a situation worth monitoring, which is why ESPN and others cover this story every day.

Saints’ Robert Meachem out 4 – 6 weeks

New Orleans Saints’ wide receiver Robert Meachem — the No. 27 overall selection in the 2007 NFL draft — will miss 4-to-6 weeks after knee surgery last week.

Meachem is expected to be back for the start of training camp.

Fantasy Spin

It has been a rough start to Meachem’s NFL career. He admitted that he was overweight and out-of-shape at rookie camp, then proceeded to sprain his ankle.

Now the news goes from bad to worse.

Devery Henderson is the front-runner for the No. 2 wide receiver spot on the Saints’ prolific offense. If Meachem recovers quickly he could compete for the job, but at this point it looks as if his impact will be limited at the onset of the regular season.

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3 Responses

  1. How about Culpepper to K.C. Huard is no starter in this league and I look for Johnson to struggle considerably with the absence of a passing attack.

  2. I saw that Culpepper was actually escorted out of practice by the head of security the other day – I think that’s a little harsh man. I mean, yeah he’s finnished with the Phish, but give the guy a break!

  3. It stinks of the whole Steve McNair in Tennessee fiasco.

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