Haze: McNeil’s first-round mock

Here it is … the much-anticipated Haze first-round mock draft by commissioner Michael McNeil.

Last week, McNeil posted the Haze keeper mock draft which he used to determine this first-round mock.

To see all the potential keepers in this year’s draft, please visit this Google spreadsheet.

To see Haze owner Blaine Clancy’s first round mocks, please visit the corresponding links below:

McNeil’s first-round mock:

1. Marc: Steve Smith
Keepers: Frank Gore (6) and Matt Leinart (8)
*Marc keeps Matt Leinart and Frank Gore, and could add Steve Smith here. This could be a good nucleus of talent, if Gore can duplicate last year and Leinart continues to progress.

2. Alston: Ronnie Brown
Keepers: Brandon Jacobs (8) and Vince Young (15)
*If he keeps Brandon Jacobs and Vince Young, Alston needs to add another RB here. Ronnie Brown had a poor showing last season but still is young and could benefit with a new head coach.

3. Michael: Carson Palmer
Keepers: Willie Parker (3) and Laurence Maroney (7)
*With the backfield already filled up (Willie Parker and Laurence Maroney as keepers), Carson Palmer would give Michael’s team great consistency at the QB position, something he lacked last season.

4. James: Torry Holt
Keepers: Joseph Addai (6) and Baltimore (10)
*If he throws Chad Johnson back, he could upgrade by grabbing Torry Holt here to go along with keepers Joseph Addai and Baltimore.

5. Aaron: Marvin Harrison
Keepers: Deuce McAllister (7) and Travis Henry (8)
*By keeping Deuce McAllister and Travis Henry, Aaron can snatch the best available player on the board on No. 4 and Harrison would be a good choice.

6. Brad: LaDainian Tomlinson
Keepers: LaDainian Tomlinson (1) and Willis McGahee (2)
*Brad keeps LT2 from last year’s team.

7. Johnny: Peyton Manning
Keepers: Peyton Manning (1) and Maurice Jones-Drew (8)
*If Johnny were to throw Peyton Manning back into the draft, Marc likely would pick him at No. 1.

8. Grayson: Shaun Alexander
Keepers: Shaun Alexander (1) and Thomas Jones (6)
*Shaun Alexander’s value has slipped a little, but he still is a giant steal at No. 8.

9. Sean: Rudi Johnson
Keepers: Rudi Johnson (1) and Reggie Bush (2)
*Sean keeps his backfield intact with Rudi Johnson at No. 9 and Reggie Bush in the second round.

10. Danny: Chad Johnson
Keepers: Ahman Green (10) and Drew Brees (10b)
*Danny keeps Drew Brees and Ahman Green and could go with the best available RB, but CJ is the best available player on the board.

11. Blaine: Larry Johnson
Keepers: Larry Johnson (1) and Clinton Portis (1b)
*Blaine keeps Larry Johnson and No. 11 … almost the best value in this draft.

12. Doogie: Steven Jackson
Keepers: Steven Jackson (1) and Brian Westbrook (2)
*Doogie keeps Steven Jackson at No. 12 … THE best value in this draft.


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  1. Wow, that looks pretty interesting. Hey if you ever get a minute come check me out.


  2. Thanks! I checked out your site, but I could not comment on it for some reason. Anyway, I put you in my blogroll b/c you have some great content. Thanks for checking out The Hazean.

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