Haze: McNeil’s keeper mock

Earlier this week, Blaine Clancy offered his first-round mock draft for the Haze league and the players he thought each owner should keep this season.

Now it is my turn. Today I will break down the Haze keeper draft, which can be seen below. Enjoy!

Click here to see the list of potential keepers for each team

Keeper Mock

Doogie: Steven Jackson (1), Brian Westbrook (2)

*Doogie cannot go wrong here, but Westy might not repeat last season’s performance.

Blaine: Larry Johnson (1), Clinton Portis (1b)

*Blaine could go with LJ and Reggie Brown if Portis’ health and playing time are concerns.

Danny: Ahman Green (10), Drew Brees (10b)

*Drew Bress is a cannot-miss keeper at 10, but the other spot is up for grabs. 

Sean: Rudi Johnson (1), Reggie Bush (2)

*It is hard to see Seanpassing on his first two picks. Rudi is a good value at this spot in the first round, but he could look to Carson Palmer in the 4th round. He likely keeps Bush in the second.

Grayson: Shaun Alexander (1), Thomas Jones (6)

*SA is a great value at this spot in the first round. Jones inherits the starting gig in New York (Jets) and should be a great value in round six. Donovan McNabb’s health is too much of a concern for Grayson to keep him in the 5th.

Johnny: Peyton Manning (1), Maurice Jones-Drew (8)

*Johnny could put Manning back in the draft and keeping Chicago’s defense in the sixth, but that is not likely.

Brad: LaDainian Tomlinson (1), Willis McGahee (2)

*These are Brad’s best options, but other possibilities are Javon Walker in the 4th round and Marion Barber III in the 8th round.

Aaron: Deuce McAllister (7), Travis Henry (8)

*Aaron makes out really well here. Deuce had a successful, healthy post-ACL injury season and should continue to benefit on a prolific offense. Henry is the starter in Denver where all RBs seem to thrive. This would open up Aaron’s first six rounds in the draft, where he can grab a younger talent at RB.

James: Joseph Addai (6), Baltimore (10)

*Addai is a no-brainer. Baltimore is the likely choice for the second keeper, but others to watch are Chad Johnson in the 2nd round, Tatum Bell in the 4th round and Alex Smith (QB) in the 15th round.

Michael: Willie Parker (3), Laurence Maroney (7)

*Cedric Benson could sneak in, but it would be hard to throw FWP (a top-10 back) or Maroney (fringe top-10 now that he is the starter) back into the draft.

Alston: Brandon Jacobs (8), Vince Young (15)

*Jacobs is the starter for the Giants and could be productive if the system was responsible for Tiki Barber’s success. Inside sources indicate Vince Young as the second keeper, but Alston also could choose Reggie Wayne in the 3rd round or Vernand Morency in the 8th round.

Marc: Frank Gore (6), Matt Leinart (8)

*Frank Gore is a lock in the 6th round and Marc favors Leinart. He could keep Marvin Harrison in the 2nd round instead of Leinart, but after last season Marc may be looking for a stud at QB and Leinart is on the right offense to put up big numbers.


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