Haze: Clancy’s first round mock

Haze owner Blaine Clancy submitted an early first-round mock draft for the Haze fantasy football league, based on the players he thought would be kept by each owner.

If you missed Blaine’s take on the keeper draft, you can catch up to speed by reading about it here.

Clancy’s first round mock:

1. Marc – Clinton Portis

2. Alston – Chester Taylor

3. Michael – Steve Smith

4. James – Thomas Jones

5. Aaron – Chad Johnson

6. Brad – LaDainian Tomlinson

7. Johnny – Peyton Manning

8. Grayson – Shaun Alexander

9. Sean – Rudi Johnson

10. Danny – Edgerrin James

11. Blaine – Larry Johnson

12. Doogie – Steven Jackson

Clancy’s analysis:

Looking back on it now, the first couple teams seem like they will be loaded for this upcoming season. I think that receivers will be the thing to go in the first round, or at least it makes sense for all the teams that have a pick.

If the keepers were to end up like this, everyone would have locked in their two stud RB’s, so getting a receiver will be vital.


5 Responses

  1. I am simply amazed that Blaine doesnt have me picking Reggie Ball with the 2nd pick…

  2. 2nd pick?!? I thought you would trade up to No. 1 to get him.

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