Haze keeper dates set

The league which this blog is dedicated to — Haze Fantasy Football — has set the keeper declaration dates for each owner for the 2007 fantasy football season.

View the keeper declaration dates and potential keepers for each team.

The above spreadsheet shows the potential keepers for each team and in which round the players can be kept for the 2007 season.

Haze’s keeper rules in a nutshell: Each owner in the Haze league is allowed to keep two players from the previous year’s roster. Players are kept in the round they were originally drafted for one year; every subsequent year the players move up one round.

Haze member Blaine Clancy has broken down the keeper list and offers some insight as we approach the 2007 season.

By: Blaine Clancy

Doogie – Steven Jackson and Brian Westbrook  (1st and 2nd round)

Blaine – Larry Johnson and Kevin Jones (1st and 4th round)

Danny – Marques Colston and Drew Brees (8th and 10th round)

Sean – Reggie Bush and Carson Palmer (2nd and 4th round)

Grayson – Shaun Alexander and Donovan McNabb* (1st and 6th round)
*Depends on McNabb’s development

Johnny – Peyton Manning and Maurice Jones-Drew (1st and 8th round)

Brad – LaDainian Tomlinson and Marion Barber III* (1st and 8th round) 
*Not sure about his second keeper, it could be Barber, Javon Walker or Willis McGahee

Aaron – No keepers*
*He could keep Steve Smith, but then he would be using a top-5 pick on him.

James – Joseph Addai and Baltimore’s defense (6th and 10th round) 
*Probably the best keepers of this draft

Michael – Willie Parker and Laurence Maroney (3rd and 7th round)

Alston – Reggie Wayne* ( 3rd round) 
*The rest of his team sucks

Marc – Marvin Harrison* and Frank Gore (2nd and 6th round)
*He would get Harrison with the 24th overall pick


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