NFL puts the smack down on Pacman, Henry

Thank you, Roger Goodell.

The National Football League finally stepped up to the plate on its player conduct issue with the declaration that Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry — two of the NFL’s anti-poster boys — will be sidelined for part or all of the 2007 NFL season.

The move was a little anticipated, but almost long overdue.

Jones and Henry both had their names in the headlines during the last year for all the wrong reasons. It only is fair to the rest of the NFL players, whose reputations are at stake, to shelve these guys until they prove they belong in the NFL.

It was a near necessity for the NFL to do something about its player conduct issue. All these things — Jones, Henry, several other Cincinnati Bengals, and even the bust of Shawne Merriman for steroids during the season — added up to crunch time for Goodell and the league, and they stepped up and knocked it out of the park.

We all remember the fiasco that was the Palace at Auburn Hills, with Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson raining hay-makers upon fans (not all those fans were completely innocent, I might add). Since that time, the National Basketball Association laid down its law regarding player conduct, as they suspended Artest for most of that season and several other involved players.

The NFL ran the risk of being the less-disciplined of the power leagues had they let Jones and Henry skate. Goodell made sure the road was much less frictionless for Jones and Henry, while maintaining the NFL’s elite status among professional athletic leagues.

Thank you, Roger Goodell.


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